Black Widow Step Leash for Dogs


Our Black Widow Step In Harness For Dogs And Leash is made of high-strength nylon. With metal leash rings, a clasp, and a secure buckle, this step-in harness for dogs ensures you the safety walks with less pulling.

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Step Leash for Dogs

Our Black Widow step-in harness and dog leash is made of high-strength nylon, metal clasp, and buckle. This set is strong and durable enough for each dog out there!


  • Designer dog leash
  • Step-in dog harness
  • Premium quality
  • Material: High-strength nylon
  • Metal buckle and clasps
  • Adjustable
  • A harness is available in 3 adjustable sizes, suitable also for big dogs
  • You can get a separate harness or leash, or the whole harness and leash dog walking set
  • L size for French Bulldogs

Black Widow step-in harness for dogs and a leash are made of high-strength nylon. These easy-walk harnesses for dogs are sold as complete harness and leash sets for dogs, and you may also get them separately.

Step Leash for Dogs

Just put the step-in dog harness flat on the floor, and place the paws through the corresponding leg holes of the harness. Once both paws are in, pull the harness up to your dog’s body and fasten it at your dog’s back. Then adjust it so it’s not too tight.

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